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Our aim at Radyr is to provide a caring and inclusive school that promotes the highest standards of respect, commitment and success.

We ensure that our pupils develop aspirations for themselves, skills that will lead them to pursue successful working lives and a passion for learning that will stay with them.

We have a deep-rooted belief that pupils can achieve excellence in anything they choose to do and develop values that will enable them to be responsible and positive members of society.

Radyr Comprehensive School is an inclusive community and we are proud of its diversity and togetherness. Building good relationships is at the core of our development.

Mr A.D. Williams

‘My child settled really quickly at Radyr – the transition arrangements were superb.’ (Year 7 Parent)


We believe that Physical Education is vital in its contribution to physical wellbeing, emotional development and health.

The Physical Education curriculum at Radyr provides pupils with the opportunity to develop self-condence by managing themselves successfully in a variety of situations. At Radyr, we offer the balance of individual, team and competitive activities that aim to cater for all pupils’ needs and abilities.

Our proud tradition of sporting excellence means that many of our pupils achieve regional, national and international honours in a wide variety of sports.

‘Physical Education is one of my favourite subjects because I’ve had the opportunity to try so many different sports.’ (Year 9 Pupil)

Parents as

We see parents as partners in the education of their children as they are by far the most important influences in a child's life.

Radyr parents are very passionate about education. They are very proactive in their involvement in the life of the school and this helps promote a learning community where pupils can engage positively with staff and their peers.

We strive to provide clear, open channels of communication that facilitate reporting to parents on their child's progress.

By building these strong relationships with home we encourage parental involvement in every aspect of their child’s school life.

‘For me it was about getting the right balance between academic success and nurturing wellbeing – that is why I sent my child to Radyr.’ (Year 10 Parent)

Pastoral Care

Radyr is a restorative school and we believe passionately that this approach creates a more harmonious learning environment with improved behaviour and learning outcomes for pupils in all Key Stages.

We use restorative approaches to help young people develop the skills and attitudes necessary to build, maintain and repair community relationships. These offer an alternative to the punitive systems and sanctions used in many schools to manage behaviour.

Restorative approaches should not be seen as a ‘soft’ option, as they encourage young people to be accountable and responsible for their actions and likewise, to learn from their behaviour and change.

‘We are proud that we are a Restorative School. We feel our restorative approach is central to whom we are – it permeates all areas of school life.’ (Senior Teacher)

Performing Arts
and Music

The ability of the performing arts at Radyr to embrace all subject disciplines and social activities empowers our pupils with the skills needed to communicate more effectively in whatever profession they end up pursuing.

At Radyr, we provide opportunities for pupils to experience new ways of thinking. The sharing of perspectives with other cultures, ages, genders, races and faiths leads to greater empathy and respect for difference and diversity.

The performing arts at Radyr liberate the mind. These are the subjects where there really are no right answers. They are about creativity and we believe in keeping creativity alive!

‘The performing arts at Radyr help pupils develop a stronger sense of individualism, self-reflection and self-esteem – they are at the heart of our curriculum.’ (Head of Faculty)

Pupil Voice

At Radyr, we believe in ‘many voices, one school’. At the heart of this is our Pupil Parliament, where elected pupils serve on various committees and councils with the responsibility to help shape the future direction of the school.

We believe that by developing effective pupil participation, it leads to:

  • Improved pupil engagement, wellbeing, behaviour and    learning;
  • Better pupil-staff and pupil-pupil relationships;
  • Better whole school policies and procedures, based on the    real needs of pupils;
  • A more inclusive community, where all pupils are encouraged    to participate;
  • Increased opportunities for pupils to develop personal and    social skills.
‘Being on the Pupil Parliament has allowed me to express the views of my peers and given me the opportunity to make a difference.’ (Year 12 Pupil)

Facilities &

Radyr Comprehensive School sits on a large sweeping site and offers extensive facilities for academic, sporting, musical and artistic work.

We operate a Faculty system that allows similar subjects to share best practice in terms of teaching and learning and drive forward these ideas in a consistent and collaborative way.

With our state of the art sports hall, fitness suite, Astro-turf, swimming pool and gym, pupils have many opportunities to engage in sporting activities during lesson time and after school. There has been huge investment in Information Technology as we see this as a key learning tool for pupils in their education.


We offer all pupils a broad and balanced curriculum aimed at producing intelligent, well-informed, inquisitive people who understand the concepts of leadership and teamwork. We operate a three-year Key Stage 4, with pupils starting their GCSEs in Year 9.

We also have one of the largest and most successful Sixth Form centres in Wales with well over 300 pupils studying A Levels and/or Vocational courses.

The vast majority of our Sixth Form pupils move on to Higher Education with approximately two-thirds of our pupils receiving offers from Russell Group universities.

We offer an inclusive curriculum tailored to pupils’ needs. We want to provide them with opportunities to succeed in a caring and supportive educational environment.